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Stanford OL Kyle Murphy Says Big Ten "Got Exposed" During Bowl Season

This year's Big Ten title game was comprised of two teams--Iowa and Michigan State--that lost by a combined 67 points during bowl games against Stanford and Alabama.

It was not the best showing, and left college football fans wondering if teams like Stanford or Ohio State may have fared differently.

After the 45-16 rout of Iowa was over, Stanford offensive lineman Kyle Murphy felt strongly that the Big Ten conference "got exposed," according to an excellent story by Dan Greenspan of the Associated Press. 

From Greenspan's story:

"The Big Ten has a lot of pub, (but) they had a couple big blowouts the last two days, so it kind of goes to show they got exposed," Murphy said. "It shows a four-team playoff probably isn't the best way, because you don't know who the four best teams are."

What do you think, college football fans?