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The 10 College Football Coaches That Are The Best At Developing NFL Draft Picks

Playing in the NFL is a dream most young football players share, so it's no surprise that, when it comes to college football recruiting, one of the most attractive things about a program is its ability to create draft picks.

Most would assume that success rate runs parallel with the program's success on the recruiting trail, but there's a little more to it than that. The higher the number, the more draft picks you have to produce, and there are only so many spots in the NFL.

So Pick Six Previews set out to find out which college football coaches have the highest success rate turning blue-chip recruits (four-stars and five-stars) into draft picks. Using 247 Sports' composite rankings between 2002-'11, they compiled a list. What they found may surprise you.

Here are the top-10 coaches ranked by conversion percentage, via Pick Six Previews:

1. UCLA's Jim Mora - 56% 
2. Clemson's Dabo Swinney - 53%
3. Michigan's Jim Harbaugh - 46%
4. TCU's Gary Patterson - 43%
5. Alabama's Nick Saban - 38%
6. FSU's Jimbo Fisher - 37%
6. Mississippi State's Dan Mullen - 37.5%
8. Notre Dame's Brian Kelly - 35%
9. Ohio State's Urban Meyer - 34%
9. Miami's Mark Richt - 34%

If you want to see the rest of the list (11-28), check out Pick Six Previews' awesome story here. They dig further than just conversion percentage, they also dive into which position has the highest conversion percentage under each coach. Very interesting stuff.

What do you think, college football fans? Does this surprise you?