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The SEC Is Reportedly Lifting Its Ban On Satellite Camps Too

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Could the SEC be added to its 14-team total?

Update No. 2: SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey has released a statement on the matter. 

">April 28, 2016

Update No. 1 : The ACC often votes in line with the SEC, and it is also following suit in lifting its own satellite camp ban, according to ESPN's Andrea Adelson.

">April 28, 2016

Earlier: The conference in most opposition to satellite camps has been the SEC, with much of these camps being held in their territory. With the NCAA reversing its stance on the camps, announcing today that the ban has been lifted, the SEC is now changing its mind on them, too. According to Bleacher Report's Barrett Sallee, the SEC's ban on satellite camps will be lifted on May 29. 

">April 28, 2016

Hugh Freeze isn't going to be happy. 

The Ole Miss coach doesn't like them because they take him away from his family in the offseason. 

">April 13, 2016

Will we get to see an SEC team hold a satellite camp in Columbus or Ann Arbor? That'd be fun.