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Video: Clemson's Locker Room Celebration Appeared On Miami's Snapchat Story

Clemson dominated Miami Saturday afternoon, 58-0, handing the Hurricanes one of their worse losses in program history. 

Fans weren't happy - and many of them left Sun Life Stadium long before the final whistle blew, but reminders of the blowout were everywhere. Whether fans came across former Miami greats bashing Al Golden on Twitter or seeing banners being flown overhead, it was likely impossible to escape it altogether. And for fans wanting to look back on the positives from the day by watching Snapchat's Miami Game Day Story, there was an unfortunate surprise waiting for them. 

Clemson's locker room celebration made the story for everyone in the area to see, and SI Campus Rush's Alejandro Narciso posted the video on Twitter.

">October 24, 2015

Hurricanes fans are definitely wanting to forget about this one.