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Video: Here’s The Street Fight That Made Kimbo Slice A Celebrity

Kimbo Slice


Last night, the news of Kimbo Slice's untimely death at the age of 42 sent shockwaves through the fighting community. 

While Slice (real name Kevin Ferguson) had careers as a boxer and MMA fighter, he emerged on the scene and first garnered fame as a street fighting phenomenon. His bare-knuckle backyard brawls were the stuff of legend. 

The fight that put Slice on the map was a battle with an equally massive man simply named "Big D" or "Byrd." It featured the two men tussling in a yard, and only lasted a couple of minutes.

That's as long as it took for Slice to pummel Byrd and win the fight. Towards the end of the clip, there's a close-up of the two men hugging and the now-famous shot of Big D's swollen, bloody eye. 

You can watch the entire fight below. Warning: the language in the video is quite NSFW. 

You can watch the whole fight below.