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Video: Louisiana Governor Says "Say Farewell To College Football" Unless State Raises Taxes

The state of Louisiana is in the middle of a budget crisis, as The Advocate explains, and newly-elected Governor John Bel Edwards is prepared to take drastic measures to ensure state legislature raises taxes to help fix "a historic fiscal crisis."

Thursday night during his televised speech, Edwards went into some of the problems that may occur if this "crisis" is not averted. He said campuses like Baton Rouge's LSU may run out of money by the end of April, and that "student athletes across the state will be ineligible to play next semester." He also said "that means you can say goodbye to college football."

">February 12, 2016

KALBtv5 sports director Kelsey Wingert shared this video on Twitter.

">February 12, 2016

This is definitely something worth keeping an eye on. It's hard to imagine college football being canceled in the state of Louisiana next season, but that's quite the statement from Governor Edwards.