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A Surprising NBA Team Is Going To Go Hard After Chris Paul

This team already has an All-Star point guard...

James Harden had the best year of his NBA career this past season and he did it playing point guard. Harden led the Rockets' up-tempo, 3-heavy offense to 55 regular season wins, scoring 29 points and dishing out 11 assists per game.

Houston is reportedly going to heavily pursue another All-Star point guard in free agency, though.

ESPN's Marc Stein reports that the Rockets will go hard after soon-to-be free agent PG Chris Paul.

They'll also actually be going after another All-Star point guard in Kyle Lowry, too, according to the report.

Sources told ESPN on Wednesday that the Rockets have at least four top-tier free agents in their summer sights: Atlanta's Paul Millsap, Toronto's Kyle Lowry and the LA Clippers duo of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

One source close to the situation told ESPN to expect the Rockets to go "hard" after Paul in July.

Harden can work playing off the ball, but would he - and the Rockets' offense - be as effective as they were this past season doing that?

Adding as many great players as you can to your roster makes sense, but I'd be very interested in seeing how a Paul-Harden or a Lowry-Harden backcourt would work.