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Agents Are Preventing Their Players From Working Out For The Celtics

The Celtics apparently aren't seen as a great destination for draftees considering the uncertainty.

Two teams are reportedly seen as non-ideal destinations for NBA Draftees - the Sacramento Kings and the Boston Celtics.

The Kings make sense, considering how much of a train wreck that franchise has been in recent seasons.

The Celtics don't make sense, until you consider the fact that many people believe Boston will use its young assets to make a trade for a superstar player like Paul George or Jimmy Butler.

From Mass Live:

According to Ford, prospects might prefer a more stable situation than Boston -- an opportunity to start immediately (which they might not be afforded by the Celtics' deep roster), without the looming questions of a potential trade for an established star like Jimmy Butler or Paul George. One of Ford's agent sources said he has "deep respect for the Celtics" and that Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens might be the best GM and head coach in the league respectively, but that he would want to know the plan for the franchise before allowing his client to go to Boston.

You can view the full report here.

The NBA Combine took place in Chicago this weekend.