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LeBron James Makes Fun Of Carmelo Anthony

New Houston Rocket Carmelo Anthony had significant tenures with the Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks, and played for the Oklahoma City Thunder last season. Few will talk about his glorious stretch with the Atlanta Hawks.

Anthony was technically a Hawk for a few days, after the team acquired him from Oklahoma City. Atlanta made the trade, and ate his huge contract, for a first-round pick. The team also sent out point guard Dennis Schroder, whom it considered expendable with the draft selection of Trae Young and trade for Jeremy Lin.

As expected, Melo was waived by the Hawks. He is set to sign with the Rockets for the veteran minimum, and will still receive the full amount that was owed to him on his old deal, minus that $2.4 million, from the Hawks.

Still, he reportedly wanted his Hawks jersey, even if he never had the chance to wear it.

Today, the franchise revealed that it has made the Carmelo Anthony Hawks jersey, to commemorate his storied stay with the franchise.

According to the excellent Hawks Twitter account, the team is sending him the jersey.

Jokes aside, that is a pretty cool gesture that the Hawks didn't need to do. Apparently one of Melo's best friends in the league appreciates it as well.

LeBron James, who made his own big team change this off-season, responded to the Hawks tweet.

LeBron and Melo won't have to wait long to face off in the Western Conference this season. The King's Lakers host the Rockets in their home opener on October 20.