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Look At What Trae Young Bought With His 1st NBA Paycheck

trae young posts a picture with his girlfriend

Trae Young was the fifth overall pick in the NBA Draft. Now we know where a chunk of his first paycheck is heading.

The former Oklahoma star took to Instagram to post video of a slick new ride: a matte black Audi R8.

The caption he posted to Instagram may also reveal a bit more about his financial arrangement. While he says that he bought it himself, he also says that his parents surprised him with the ride.

That seems to indicate that his parents are controlling his finances early on. That might not be the worst move, as we've seen numerous athletes blow through their money and not save for retirement.

Trae Young may be being smart about his rookie deal, but he can afford a nice car.

Here's video of the tricked out Audi, complete with a big black bow.

According to Busted Coverage, the car goes for $138,700, before any other custom add-ons. For a big first NBA car purchase, that's not overly crazy.

Young is set to bring in just under $5.4 million this season. The deal is worth over $15 million durng his first three NBA season.

Young was taken the Hawks traded down to No. 5 of the 2018 NBA Draft. They swapped with the Mavericks, who took Luka Doncic with the third pick of the draft.

He showed some phenom potential during his one year at Oklahoma, although he slowed down as the season wore on with defenses keying on him. During the season, Young averaged 27.4 points and 8.7 assists per game, and flashed Steph Curry-like range, if not the same efficiency.