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Austin Rivers Takes To Twitter, Vows Revenge On James Harden After Getting Shook On Crossover

He needs to redeem himself.
Austin Rivers is not happy.

James Harden made Austin Rivers look silly Wednesday night, but the New Orleans guard seems to be taking the situation in stride. With less than a minute to play and the score tied at 100-100, the Rockets' superstar put a nasty crossover move on the former Duke standout, causing him to stumble backwards and take himself out of the play. Harden then nailed what would be the game-winning jumper.

Rivers took to Twitter this morning, responding to a fan poking fun at the situation. He vowed revenge on Harden.

The Pelicans and Rockets play two more times this season - both in mid-April. We'll see if Rivers has anything in store for Harden as payback.