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Howard Beck And Chris Mannix: Celtics Could Make Run At Anthony Davis Next Season

Bleacher Report's Howard Beck and The Vertical's Chris Mannix outlined a possible blockbuster Anthony Davis-to-Boston trade that could happen next year.

Davis is one of the top players in the NBA, and at just 24 years old, is also one of its best assets for a team looking to build for the long haul.

However, outside of a brief playoff appearance in 2015, Davis has had very little team success with the New Orleans Pelicans.

If things go south for the Pelicans again next season, NBA analyst Chris Mannix says the Celtics could make a Godfather offer to New Orleans with their ridiculous assets.

From The Vertical:

It figures to be an interesting season in Boston. The addition of Gordon Hayward fortified a top-seeded roster, while dismal seasons by the Nets (who will fork over their 2018 first-round pick) and Lakers (who owe Boston their ’18 pick if it falls between Nos. 2 and 5) will help the Celtics continue to build for the future. In addition, rival executives expect Boston to be keeping close tabs on New Orleans, which is entering a critical season. The Pelicans are committed to seeing if an Anthony Davis-DeMarcus Cousins frontcourt can work, but if the season goes awry, it’s widely believed the Celtics will make a strong run at Davis, who is under contract through 2020.

Mannix went into more detail about this possibility during a podcast with Bleacher Report's Howard Beck.

CSNNE transcribed the key portions about this possible deal.

"If you're the Pelicans, they're going to be very few offers that make you pause for Anthony Davis," Mannix said. "Spin it forward to next June and the let's say ping-pong balls fall Boston's way. The Nets are bad, let's say they're number one. The Lakers land in the two through five range. Let's say they wind up at three.

"One and three and Jayson Tatum?" Mannix theorized. "That's going to be hard for New Orleans to turn down."

Beck goes on to say that the Celtics could potentially put together the best trade package "in decades."

Davis is under contract until 2020-21. With that much time left on his contract, and his status as an ascendant NBA superstar, it is hard to even argue that a No. 1, No. 3, Jayson Tatum package would be overpaying in that situation.

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