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Charles Barkley Predicts Winner Of Celtics vs. Bucks Series

Charles Barkley speaks on TNT.


On Wednesday night, the Milwaukee Bucks took down the Chicago Bulls in Game 5 by a final score of 116-100.

With the win, the Bucks clinched the series 4-1. Now, they'll face off against one of the hottest teams in the NBA - the Boston Celtics.

Before the series officially kicks off, NBA on TNT analyst Charles Barkley gave his prediction for the series. He thinks Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks will get the win.

Here's what he said, via NESN:

“I just think right now Giannis (Antetokoummpo) is sending a message,” Barkley said Wednesday night on TNT. “I’m a big Jrue Holiday fan. I think (Brook) Lopez is going to be huge. The reason I think Lopez is going to be huge is because (Robert) Williams and (Daniel) Theis are great defenders — they’re not going to be great defenders against the Bucks."

He explained why the Celtics will have a tough time guarding against the Bucks.

“They got to play that boy out to the 3-point line," he continued. "He’s a great 3-point shooter, so you’re going to have to pick your poison. If Williams and Theis are going to step back there and try to form a wall against Giannis, Giannis is going to have to kick that ball over to Lopez and he’s going to make some threes. I think Lopez is going to be huge the next series. Just his size and his ability to shoot the ball is going to give Giannis a lot of free lanes.”

The series kicks off on May 1 at 1:00 p.m. ET.