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Gordon Hayward's Wife Posts Adorable Video Of Daughter Decorating Hayward's Cast

Video shows Gordon Hayward's daughter playing with his cast.

Gordon Hayward's daughter decorated her dad's cast.

Just last week, Boston Celtics star Gordon Hayward suffered a brutal injury during the team's season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Hayward dislocated his ankle and broke his tibia after an awkward fall during the first quarter.

A week later, and Gordon Hayward's wife, Robyn posted a video of their daughter attempting to lift Hayward's spirits.

Their daughter brought out stickers to help decorate Gordon Hayward's cast.

Hayward's 2017-18 season is likely over, even if the Celtics make the playoffs, but he hasn't been ruled out just yet.

It's great to see some levity being brought into what must be a difficult situation.