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Someone Found A Tomato That Looks A Lot Like Larry Bird

A closeup of Larry Bird.

CHICAGO, IL - MAY 12: NBA Hall of Fame player and current Indiana Pacers advisor Larry Bird watches action during Day Two of the NBA Draft Combine at Quest MultiSport Complex on May 12, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Sometimes, a post is shared on social media that cuts through the noise of what has been a particularly horrendous year, and brings all sports fans together. Today, it is the Larry Bird tomato.

There isn't a lot of background to explain here. Twitter user @bingowings14 posted a picture of a tomato, which deeply resembles a human face. That face can only be described as deeply Larry Bird-like.

The post caught on like wildfire among NBA fans. As of this writing, Larry Bird is currently the No. 15 trending topic on the platform.

The Bird association was completely organic as well. The Twitter user who posted the picture apparently doesn't know who the Boston Celtics legend is, following up the post by tweeting "Googles Larry Bird" after the post went viral.

Numerous side-by-side photos comparing the Larry Bird tomato to the legendary NBA forward and team executive have been posted. The resemblance is truly uncanny.

Now, the hat doesn't really work. That is definitely more of a Russell Westbrook fashion choice. Bird was far more understated during his NBA career.

As with all things, this will eventually fade from the trending topics, and in a few days we'll be on to new, more unfortunate things in a year that has brought novel bad news seemingly every week.

For a moment, though, let us enjoy the Larry Bird tomato for the simple goofy social content that it is.