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Brian Windhorst's "Ideal" Scenario For The Cavs

The ESPN NBA insider thinks the Cavs could potentially add three star players.

ESPN NBA reporter Brian Windhorst has an "ideal" scenario for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It involves adding three All-Star players.

Windhorst's ideal scenario, per ESPN Cleveland:

  • Trade Kevin Love to the Pacers for Paul George
  • The Knicks release Carmelo Anthony and the Cavs sign him
  • LeBron James calls former All-Star forward Chris Bosh, if he's cleared to play

Making a trade for George is possible, maybe even likely. Cleveland and Indiana have reportedly engaged in talks about a potential move and the Pacers want to get something done before the deadline. The Lakers are looming, too, though.

Adding Anthony to the roster seems somewhat possible, too, but I'd think it would have to come via some type of trade rather than him being straight-up released.

And as far as Chris Bosh goes, it seems ridiculous to even talk about that. He hasn't played in over a year and has dealt with a life-threatening condition.