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Brian Windhorst Offers Harsh Reality For Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on Friday night in Boston.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - DECEMBER 18: Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving #11 talk together on the bench during the preseason game against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden on December 18, 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

For the past two seasons, the Brooklyn Nets have dealt with "championship or bust" expectations. So far, they have one playoff series win to show for it. 

During this Wednesday's edition of ESPN's Get Up, Brian Windhorst was asked if the Nets - as currently constructed - are a championship team. His answer was quite telling. 

"This team has the talent to win a championship," Windhorst said. "But they've shown nothing else that's required of a championship team." 

When asked to elaborate, Windhorst revealed what the Nets are lacking that championship teams are supposed to have.

"Chemistry, accountability, availability, they've had none of that. The talent is absolutely championship-level." 

There have been far too many question marks surrounding the Nets over the last two years. Just this past season alone, there was so much uncertainty surrounding Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons. 

The Nets will always be considered a contender as long as Kevin Durant is leading the squad. That being said, they have a long way to go before they can win over their naysayers.