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Kawhi Leonard Could Consider This Shocking Team In Free Agency Next Year, Per One Report

Kawhi Leonard runs up the court during a game for the Spurs.

Conventional wisdom is that after a year in Toronto, next year's Kawhi Leonard free agency will be centered on Los Angeles. The Lakers are reportedly "confident" in their ability to add Leonard to a roster that already featured LeBron James, while others have suggested he may want to go his own way and become a Clipper.

One of Canada's top sportswriters has heard differently, however. While Kawhi may not stay in Toronto, he could look to build his own power in the Eastern Conference.

Toronto Star columnist Bruce Arthur, a former Raptors beat writer, went on yesterday's edition of the "Back to Back" podcast to discuss the Kawhi Leonard Raptors trade.

On the pod, he floated the heretofore unheard of idea that Kawhi could actually sign with the Brooklyn Nets, of all teams.

London's The Daily Expresstranscribed that pretty shocking tidbit from Arthur:

“One thing I was told last night is that Kawhi Leonard had already been planning out his free agency next year,” Arthur said.

“He had already been in contact with other star players in the league saying ‘hey, where might you want to play with me? What are we looking at?’

“And it wasn’t just LA he was talking about. Brooklyn was maybe somewhere that was going to have a ton of cap space, that might have been a possibility.

“Kawhi has already been thinking ahead to pairing up and trying to play at the highest level.

This off-season, the Nets have been making moves to open up room for some Kawhi Leonard-level moves next year.

Brooklyn has made a habit of taking on other teams' bad contracts, along with draft picks and other assets, for a few years now. As a result, the team will have upwards of $70 million in cap room next off-season.

Right now, the base of talent in the NBA is out West. LeBron's move to L.A. only shifted things further.

There have already been rumors that Kyrie Irving could look to pair up with Jimmy Butler in the next few years out East, whether it is Boston or New York. Kawhi staying in the East would definitely help balance things out as well, especially once we get past this current Golden State Warriors dynasty.

Of course, if he would consider Brooklyn, it also stands to reason that a trip to the NBA Finals this year could keep him in Toronto. Still, it doesn't seem wise to bet against the Lakers as of now.

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