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Report: Knicks Reached Out To Celtics, Clippers About Carmelo Trade

The Knicks reportedly reached out to not only the Cavaliers, but the Celtics and Clippers as well in regards to a Carmelo Anthony trade.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski and Chris Mannix of Yahoo! Sports, the Cleveland Cavaliers weren't the only team to which the Knicks shopped Carmelo Anthony, as they purportedly also sent out feelers to the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Sources told Yahoo! Sports that Phil Jackson is "determined" to find a destination for Anthony by the NBA's trade deadline—February 23, and he's "determined" to get rid of Anthony and his contract, allowing the Knicks to rebuild around their young star Kristaps Prozingis.

Earlier in the week, ESPN reported that the Knicks offered the Cavs Carmelo Anthony straight up for Kevin Love, but the deal was turned down almost immediately.

The Clippers apparently have some interest in Anthony, and it's likely he'll have to be traded to a title contender in order for Anthony to agree to waive his no-trade clause.