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Charles Barkley Reveals Why He'll "Never" Join Social Media

Charles Barkley speaks on TNT.


Charles Barkley doesn't have a Twitter account. He's not on Instagram or Facebook. His only viral moments come from his appearances on various sports analysis shows, which are then shared by social-media users. Don't expect that to change anytime soon.

Barkley doesn't have any plans to join the social-media world. Why? He has no desire to interact with the "losers" that spend their time bullying online.

Ohio State forward EJ Liddell is the latest sports player to receive online hate. The Buckeyes star received disgusting private messages, some of which were of violent nature, from several online users following OSU's first-round loss to Oral Roberts on Friday.

Barkley wants nothing to do with the viral world, which comes with its positives but too many negatives as well.

“I’m never gonna dignify these losers and interact with them ever, I don’t care how much money some offers me, I’ll never do social media because of this," Barkley said on Saturday when discussing the messages Liddell received this week.

Check out Barkley's full thoughts on social media and Liddell's unfortunate experience with it in the video below.

It's unfathomable we now live in a world where anonymous people send death threats to college kids after losing a basketball game. Charles Barkley may be onto something by staying off all social media channels.

The former NBA great's message on social media is one many should hear, especially after the messages sent to Liddell this week.