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Charles Barkley Says There's 1 Joke He Can No Longer Make

Charles Barkley speaks on TNT.


Charles Barkley isn't afraid to make fun of anything or anyone during his appearances on Inside the NBA. But the network's producers have apparently put an end to one his longtime jokes.

Barkley has poked fun at the "big ol' women down in San Antonio" for some time now. While he never singled anyone out, some have taken offense to the inside joke.

One of those offended by Barkley's joke even went as far as to write on article on his "fat-shaming" approach. Madalyn Mendoza of wrote "Barkley's fat-shaming shtick has been going on for years."

It appears we may have heard the end of Barkley's long-running inside joke. The former NBA great told 106.7 The Fan his own network "won't even let me talk about San Antonio anymore."

"They're like, 'Charles, we got one lady wrote an article.' I'm like first of all, I didn't call anybody PERSONALLY fat in San Antonio," Barkley said, via TMZ Sports. "I was just joking around and when this one lady wrote this article ... we've been having fun with this for probably 10, 15 years!

"You can't even have fun nowadays without these jackasses trying to get you canceled and things like that."

Take a look.

Charles Barkley has always been unafraid to joke about players or teams. But he probably took things a bit too far when he talked about women in San Antonio.

We have a feeling Chuck isn't going to have a tough time finding other things or people to joke about in coming years.