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Anonymous GM Says 1 NBA Star Is Too 'Sensitive' To Play With Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan talks with Scottie Pippen and Ron Harper during a game.

7 Jun 1996: Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bull, left, discusses strategy with teammates Ron Harper, center, and Scottie Pippen during a time-out on the court during the fourth quarter of game two in the NBA Finals at the United Center in Chicago, Illino

It's the final day of The Last Dance. ESPN's 10-part documentary on Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls will air its final two episodes on Sunday evening.

Jordan's competitiveness - and somewhat jerk-ish tendencies as a teammate - have been a major part of the documentary. The former Bulls star has admitted that he was rough on his teammates at times, but that's what helped Chicago win six NBA championships.

The Last Dance has helped spark more conversations about the current NBA. What players today would be tough enough to play alongside Jordan? What players wouldn't?

Bleacher Report NBA insider Ric Bucher asked some NBA general managers to give their thoughts on the topic. One player stood out in the "could not play with Jordan" category: Kevin Durant.

"There's only one guy who wouldn't willingly move over and be No. 2—KD," an Eastern Conference GM told Bucher. "He'd struggle playing with Michael. Too sensitive, and he'd want to shoot all the balls. If Michael yelled at him for missing too many shots, he wouldn't have liked it."

"KD? No chance," another GM said.

Durant did play with a couple of other superstars in Golden State for three seasons, helping the Warriors win two championships.

Perhaps playing alongside Jordan would be different, but Durant has proven to be interested in sharing the spotlight.