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Craig Ehlo Reveals His 'Biggest Mistake' Guarding Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan at the All-Star Game in Cleveland.

9 Feb 1997: Michael Jordan #23 of the Chicago Bulls smiles on the court during the NBA All-Star Practice at the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.The East defeated the West 132-120 .

Michael Jordan's game-winning shot over Craig Ehlo in Game 5 of the 1989 Eastern Conference Finals was one of the highlights of The Last Dance.

It was the first massive game-winner of Jordan's NBA career. It clinched the Bulls' first round playoff victory and sent Jordan into even deeper stardom.

The shot was defended by Ehlo, who got the Jordan assignment over Ron Harper (much to Harper's disapproval).

Ehlo recently revealed during an appearance on The Charity Stripe podcast where he made his "biggest mistake" in defending Jordan. He admitted that he assumed he was going to get some help, but he didn't.

“I was kind of standing lazily, not in a great defensive position, because I thought I had somebody in front of him that was going to deny him the basketball,” Ehlo said.

Jordan caught a flat-footed Ehlo out of position and was able to get off his game-winning jump shot at the free-throw line.

“As soon as I got to the wing, he was already dribbling back to the free-throw line,” Ehlo said. “So I wasn’t defensive sliding with him and so I was kind of running to catch up sideline to sideline.

“I get my hand up, and I think that’s why everyone thinks it was great defense. I did contest it. … As soon as I went by, he let go and had a clean look at it, and the rest is history.”

The Bulls didn't go on to win the NBA Finals that year, but Chicago would win six championships with Jordan leading the way.

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