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Look: Sports World Reacts To Michael Jordan Jersey News

Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls during a game in the NBA season.

UNDATED: Michael Jordan #23 of the Chicago Bulls looks on durng a NBA game. Michael Jordan played for the Chicago Bull from 1981 through 1998. (Photo by NBA Photos/NBAE via Getty Images)

Michael Jordan memorabilia continues to fetch absurd prices at auctions. 

On Thursday, Darren Rovell of Action Network shared some interesting news regarding one of Jordan's game-used jerseys. 

Jordan's jersey from Game 1 of the 1998 NBA Finals sold for a little over $10 million. 

"The game-used market, which always seemed to trail cards, has finally exploded," Rovell said. "The excuse that jerseys suffer from being too large for collectors is officially over." 

Some fans are surprised a bidder spent that much money on a game-used jersey. 

Others aren't shocked that a fan was willing to drop that much money on a jersey that was once worn by Jordan. 

Although Rovell said the game-used market has finally exploded, some people have their doubts. 

"Exploded? Or a once in a lifetime jersey was offered for sale and correctly priced? This is a rare, rare item," one fan said.

Even if the game-used jersey market doesn't take off, this is a really cool item to own. 

For those who are curious, Jordan averaged a whopping 32.4 points per game during the 1998 postseason.