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Man Who Allegedly Made Michael Jordan's Pizza In 1998 Comes Forward

Michael Jordan in ESPN's The Last Dance.

The man who allegedly made Michael Jordan's pizza before his classic "flu game" in the 1998 NBA Finals has come forward.

Jordan was sick during the Game 5 victory over the Utah Jazz in the 1998 NBA Finals. Everyone has always speculated that the Chicago Bulls star wasn't actually sick, but hungover. That theory was put to bed in The Last Dance.

What really happened? Jordan ate some pizza the night before and woke up in the middle of the night feeling terrible. His trainers believe he got food poisoning.

"One hundred percent it was food poisoning, 100 percent," Jordan's trainer Tim Grover said on the Pardon My Take podcast. "But obviously it just sounds better to be the 'Flu Game' than the 'Food Poisoning Game.'

" ... Nobody ate the pizza but him. Nobody. And there were no signs of flu, anything, being sick before that. Then, about 3 o' clock in the morning, I get a call to my room that just says, 'Hey, man, come to MJ's room' and he's literally curled up in the fetal position. ... I've not known any flu that can hit you that fast, but I know how quickly food poisoning can hit you."

Jordan confirmed that he ate the pizza on The Last Dance. He also confirmed that no one else at the pizza.

It was implied in The Last Dance that the pizza was intentionally messed with by whoever made it. Jordan's trainer said that five men delivered the pizza, looking suspicious. Grover said he didn't have a good feeling about it. The man who allegedly made the pizza has since come forward. Local Utah man Craig Fite appeared on “The Big Show” with Jake Scott and Gordon Monson. He denied messing with Jordan's pizza. The poisoning story is a “bunch of crap” according to Fite.

The pizza Jordan ordered was "thin and crusty with extra pepperoni," according to Fite.

It's possible that Jordan still got sick from the pizza, or maybe he got food poisoning from something he ate earlier in Utah.

Or maybe the trainer's suspicions are accurate.

We'll never truly know.

You can listen to the pizza man's interview 1280 The Zone here.