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Michael Jordan's Daughter Fires Back At 'Last Dance' Criticism

Michael Jordan reacts to Isiah Thomas' comment

The Last Dance has been a tremendous success for ESPN and beloved by fans around the world. But it isn't without some criticism.

One criticism that emerged is that we barely even heard from Michael Jordan's three oldest children until Episodes 9 and 10. Rarely is Jordan's personal life outside of his relationship with his parents even addressed in the entire show.

But one user on Twitter may have gone a little too far, suggesting that the absence of Jordan's children in the show was somehow "symbolic" of a distant relationship he had with them. That prompted Jordan's daughter Jasmine to fire back.

Taking to Twitter this morning, Jasmine Jordan responded to the user with the classic "Stop it. Get some help." meme of her father. Needless to say, Jasmine's strong response got a lot more traction than the origin tweet.

It's pretty well-known that Jordan let his incredible drive to win at everything invade his personal life.

His kids have even admitted that he was fiercely competitive even at games they played at home.

But it's a bit of a leap to go from wanting to avoid letting his kids watch basketball games hosted by hostile crowds to him being distant as a parent.

Whatever Jordan's relationship with his kids really was behind the scenes, it's clear that they'll fight tooth and nail to protect their father's good name.