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Basketball Fan Got A Ridiculous Crying LeBron James Tattoo Because Of His Love For Michael Jordan

A basketball fan from Utah loves Michael Jordan so much that he got a tattoo of...LeBron James?

That is exactly what Salt Lake City resident Kalen Gilleese did.

Gilleese, like many others, believes that Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. As a result, he is deeply bothered by any insinuation that James has surpassed His Airness.

He's so passionate about this, that he got a tattoo.

Not one that shows why Jordan is the G.O.A.T., but one featuring a crying LeBron James.

People take their "greatest of all time" basketball arguments very seriously, but Gilleese takes it to a new level. How many people would get a tattoo of the face of a man that they don't like?

He spoke to CNN about the decision.

"Gilleese has always been a big fan of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, and says he decided to get the ink after constantly hearing James being compared to Jordan.

He's always flopping, crying, looking for fouls. I've never had a lot of respect for him," Gilleese told CNN.


"Every time I look at it I laugh, and I like to show it and make people smile," he said.

He says that he plans to add athletes that he actually admires—Jordan, Tom Brady, and Wayne Gretzky—to the LeBron tattoo. Perhaps my favorite part though: even though he just got a permanent mark to troll LeBron and his fans, he can't help but acknowledge that King James is pretty damn good too.

"LeBron is definitely a legend, but he's the biggest crybaby legend of all time."

Fair enough.