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Did Kevin Durant Get Fouled On The Last Play Of Warriors vs. Cavs?

Kevin Durant may have been fouled on the last play against the Cavaliers.

Was Kevin Durant fouled on the final play of the Warriors vs. Cavs game on Christmas Day?

The Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers gave us an incredible Christmas Day contest, and oddly enough, the game ended in similar fashion to how the NBA Finals Game 7 contest ended back in June. Cleveland point guard Kyrie Irving made a tough shot to give his team the lead, and he and the rest of this teammates were able to hold off the Warriors on their final possession.

But some don't see it that way. Some believe that on the game's final play, Warriors star Kevin Durant was fouled. Here's video - Durant clearly falls down, but it's unclear how.

Did Richard Jefferson accidentally trip him? If so, should that be a foul? Or was it just incidental contact? Durant, after the contest, said he didn't fall on his own.

Either way, if this is a preview to come for the NBA Finals this year, we're in for a treat.