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Draymond Green Says Clevelanders "Don't Seem To Be The Sharpest People Around"

Draymond Green was at it again last night.

During the Warriors' 137-116 loss in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, Golden State forward/star/wrestling heel Draymond Green appeared to be ejected but wasn't, was showered with "Draymond sucks" chants by the home crowd and had his mom say the game was rigged on social media.

Just your average night.

But it didn't end after the final buzzer. In the post-game media session, Draymond was asked about the taunting he received from the Cavs faithful, to which he responded by saying he doesn't pay attention to Cleveland people because they "don't seem to be the sharpest people around."

There you have it.

This is a classic Draymond move, and he seems to really be embracing his role as "bad boy" of the Warrior dynasty.

If Golden State wins Game 5 on Monday, Dray won't have to worry about seeing any Cleveland home crowds again until next season.