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Video: Fan Runs Onto Court During Cavs vs. Rockets Game

Fan is contained after running onto the court during the Cavs Rockets game.

A fan ran onto the court during the Cavaliers vs. Rockets game on Sunday night.

One fan is taking the term 'March Madness' a bit too seriously on Sunday night. During the second quarter of the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Houston Rockets game, broadcast on ESPN, a fan ran onto the court while the ball was in play. He was eventually cornered by security and escorted out of the arena. It's safe to say that he's in some trouble.

You can see a few of the players start to walk towards him after they realize he isn't supposed to be on the floor. They all smartly avoided conflict though.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

The Cavaliers lead the Rockets 57-45 with four minutes left the first half.