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Today In "Rampant Instagram-Based NBA Speculation": JR Smith Likes Post About Cavaliers Getting Carmelo Anthony

We're just two days removed from the NBA season, and we're already diving all the way into the seedy world of the Instagram rumor mill. Today: Cavaliers star JR Smith wants a reunion with Carmelo Anthony.

Smith's Instagram account 'teamswish' liked a photo posted by a fan, showing Carmelo Anthony, his former New York Knicks teammate, in a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey next to LeBron James.

'Melo was named in numerous trade rumors as a possibility for the Cavs during the season, but obviously, that never came to fruition.

CBS Sports Radio's Gio and Jones show tweeted a screenshot showing the 'like' this morning.

This isn't the first time that Smith has discussed his former All-Star teammate this month. Earlier in June, he said the treatment of Anthony by the Knicks has been "unfair and unjust."

Via The Score:

"I haven't spoken to him along that topic, but I'm sure he does feel some type of way about how he's being treated, really unfair and unjust."

On Tuesday, Isaiah Thomas followed and unfollowed potential Boston Celtics free agency target Gordon Hayward on Instagram. Obviously, we can't be certain that this was actually JR, he does have a propensity for getting "hacked" after all, but we bet that like the "Cavs in 7" tweet, he agrees with the sentiment here.