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LeBron Hits Lefty Jumper After Spin Move, Internet Goes Crazy

LeBron James appears to have a new move in his arsenal.

LeBron James, like any great player of his generation, is constantly improving his game to make sure he doesn't become predictable on the basketball court. Friday night, he debuted a new move that looks pretty impossible to stop.

James, during Cleveland's blowout win over the Toronto Raptors, used a spin move in the lane to create separation before throwing up a lefty baby hook from the free throw line. For the record, James typically shoots right-handed.

It's a heck of a move - and it shows once again how versatile the Cavaliers star can be. The internet greatly enjoyed it:

LeBron and the Cavs are now up 3-0 on the Raptors. We can't wait to see him try out his new moves against the Golden State Warriors in a few weeks.

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