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Video: LeBron James Airballed A Free Throw During Tonight's Cavaliers Game

LeBron James airballed a free throw.

Vine/Bleacher Report

LeBron James, one of the greatest basketball players to ever step on a court, looked very pedestrian for a moment tonight, when he airballed a free throw attempt.

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Houston Rockets tonight 128-120, and LeBron put together a very impressive statline, scoring 19 points, 13 rebounds, and eight assists. However, it was not a perfect performance, by any means. He was 6-of-10 from the free throw line, and one of those attempts would make DeAndre Jordan blush.

Yup, LeBron James airballed a free throw tonight.

Basketball legends: sometimes, they're just like us.

This actually isn't the only airballed free throw of LeBron's career. Back in January 2015, he missed the rim against the Jazz, and did it in a 2011 preseason game against the Magic. For his career, he is a 74.4-percent shooter from the stripe, which is decent, but not great. But add in his 27.7 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 6.9 assists per game, three NBA titles, four MVP awards, and 12 All-Star Game appearances, and we think he's doing alright.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are 4-0 to start the year, after capturing the 2015-16 NBA Championship, and LeBron has been putting up pretty crazy numbers once again, with 20.5 points, 9.5 rebounds, and 9.5 assists per game. It is very early, but you have to like his MVP odds so far.