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Max Kellerman: Carmelo To The Clippers Could Pave Way For LeBron To Leave Cleveland

LeBron James rips into Charles Barkley.

Could LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony eventually play together in a place other than Cleveland?

The NBA Trade Deadline is quickly approaching, and many are wondering if the New York Knicks will find a team willing to trade for Carmelo Anthony. ESPN's Max Kellerman thinks that the fate of LeBron James could be in the balance too.

Kellerman argued that if Anthony is traded to the Clippers, it's possible that James winds up leaving Cleveland for Los Angeles. Why? James has always wanted to play with both Anthony and Chris Paul.

James delivered on his championship promise to Cleveland and its fans, so if he did decide to leave (for any other franchise), this wouldn't be The Decision 2.0. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.