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Collin Sexton Pick Will Have Little-To-No Impact On LeBron James Decision

Collin Sexton dunks at slam dunk contest.

With the No. 8 pick of last night's NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers had an opportunity to either set a new course for the franchise in the LeBron James-less future, or try and add a piece to appease the potentially-outgoing star. The Cavs may have always targeted Alabama point guard Collin Sexton, but as it turns out, he is one of the college players that LeBron James and his camp reportedly "like."

About a week before the NBA Draft, reporter Joe Vardon said that Sexton, a one-and-done freshman guard from the Crimson Tide, was a favorite of "LeBron's people."

One could argue that doing whatever possible to keep LeBron happy, and even slightly increase the chances of him staying in Cleveland, is good business. Considering where the Cavaliers franchise was before James arrived in 2003, and where it fell during his four years in Miami, that is not an unfair mindset.

Sexton going No. 8 is right around where he was projected to go, as well. He was the guy at Alabama, and almost single-handedly took Avery Johnson's team to the NCAA Tournament.

Realistically though, the Collin Sexton pick will have no impact on LeBron James's decision about the Cleveland Cavaliers, positive or negative.

We've seen basically this exact scenario play out with LeBron James before.

When James was weighing his future as a member of the Miami Heat, he was pretty vocal about being a fan of UConn guard Shabazz Napier. We heard way more from LeBron about the Huskies star than we have about Sexton.

The Heat got that message loud and clear. With the 24th pick of the 2014 draft, they took Napier. Of course, James never played with him. He left and rejoined the Cavaliers. That isn't to say that he isn't happy with the Sexton pick. Obviously the young rookie wants to play alongside him, as he made clear at the NBA Draft last night.

It just probably won't have any real impact on what LeBron does. So hopefully, for the Cavaliers' sake, they thing Sexton can be a cornerstone of a successful franchise on his own.