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Watch: LeBron James Dances In Front Of Kyrie Irving Mid-Interview

Kyrie Irving giving an interview during a game.

Def Pen Hoops/Twitter

LeBron James took a moment during a timeout to show Kyrie Irving his shoulder-shimmy dance.

LeBron James and the Cavaliers took on the Orlando Magic Wednesday in their exhibition opener, where the Cavs won, 117-102. It was mostly a game for the reserve unit to shine, as James only played 13 minutes and Kyrie Irving was held out of the contest entirely.

Among the highlights was this little nugget:

James appeared to have noticed Irving was on the broadcast behind him, and as is customary between teammates, wanted to have some fun and distract him. You can see him do a shoulder shake and mouth some of the words to Drake's One Dance. Although honestly, it wouldn't be a surprise if James was dancing just because. After all, he did just win a championship over the 73-9 Warriors after being down 3-1. That's a good enough reason for anyone in Cleveland to dance.

The Cavs open up their regular season October 25 with a game against the New York Knicks.