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Here's Where LeBron James Will Be Making His Free Agency Decision From

LeBron James is enjoying some time on the lake.

Today, we finally learned about the next step in LeBron James' upcoming decision. He will reportedly opt out of his final season with the Cleveland Cavaliers and become a free agent.

That doesn't mean the Cavs are out of it. It seems more and more like this will come down to them and the Los Angeles Lakers.

James won't be in Ohio when he makes his decision. He won't be at his home in the Los Angeles area, either.

He will be in something called "The Decision Cave." Because of course.

Brian Windhorst revealed the existence of this secret Caribbean lair from which LeBron James' free agency will be decided.

Via Deadspin:

He’s planning on having a meeting with his closest advisors and friends. I believe, you know, he’s still in the Caribbean, and I believe that his friends have come there and they’re gonna huddle there. They have what they call “The Decision Cave.”

His agent Rich Paul is in Los Angeles, he’s got other free agents that he’s got to deal with, but his closest friends will get together in the Decision

As for the rest of this busy day in the LeBron rumor mill:

-Stephen A. Smith says that Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is totally coolwith losing LeBron. He wants "his team back." That went so well the first time, of course.

-Also from Windhorst, LeBron would be open to hearing from Philadelphia. However, to him at least, the 76ers don't seem like a "basketball match." This actually checks out: the Sixers are high in size and athleticism, but low in shooting, which is a key for the most successful LeBron teams.

Windhorst has previously said that he expects a decision to come soon. Stay tuned.