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LeBron James Won't Commit To White House Trip If Cavaliers Win NBA Title During Trump Presidency

LeBron James takes a photo with Michelle Obama.


LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were ecstatic to attend the White House yesterday, but the three-time champion would not commit to a visit if he wins a title during Donald Trump's presidency.

Yesterday was an extremely busy one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The Cavaliers visit to the White House came on the heels of the highly publicized meeting between President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump.

When asked if he would make a visit to celebrate a hypothetical title during Donald Trump's presidency, LeBron James was non-committal, according to Washington Post writer Adam Kilgore.

James' full quote:

“I don’t know,” James said. “That’s something that we’ll cross. We’ll have to cross that road if we get there. We’ll see. I would hope to have to cross that road. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want another championship.”

While many around the nation have suggested that they don't accept Donald Trump as the President-elect, James stopped short of that sentiment, echoing sentiments shared by President Obama earlier in the day, that the country is bigger than "one guy."

“He’s our president. No matter if you agree with it or disagree with it, he’s the guy, and we all have to figure a way to make America as great as it can be. We all have to do our part. Our nation has never been built on one guy, anyways. It’s been built on multiple guys, multiple people in power, multiple people having a dream and making it become a reality by giving back to the community, by giving back to the youth, doing so many great things.

James publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton in this week's election, and campaigned for the Democratic ticket in Ohio late in the cycle.

James' comments come after teammate Richard Jefferson suggested that players would refuse to attend the White House ceremony with Trump in office. It will definitely be interesting to see how things are handled moving forward in that regard.

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