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LeBron James Free Agency: How Much The Cavaliers, Lakers Can Pay Him

LeBron James walks out of a press conference.

LeBron James free agency update: the 2018-19 salary cap has been set. That means, we know exactly how much the Cavaliers and Lakers could pay him. There is a pretty big gap between the two max deals.

Earlier tonight, the NBA announced the new salary cap is officially set at $101.8 million per team. After the spending surge of a few offseasons ago, very few teams have a lot of wiggle room under that figure.

More details on the financials that were just released, via ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski:

That means we know exactly what the maximum offers for LeBron James can be.

It is unclear what role salary will play in the LeBron James free agency decision.

The Cavaliers can offer more money and a fifth year, but that may not be enough. ESPN NBA front office insider Bobby Marks has the official numbers.

Of course, there is no guarantee that James signs for the full length with either team. His last Cavaliers deal was a short term one, and it has been suggested that if he signs back with his home team, it might be for another year with a 2019 player option.

This decision is likely not entirely about money. If he goes to Los Angeles without a star teammate like Paul George or Kawhi Leonard joining him, it may not be totally about basketball either.

Obviously LeBron wants to win. However, the Lakers are not exactly built to beat the Warriors anytime soon without way more help than just LeBron. He has maintain homes in the Los Angeles area though, he may feel that is a better place for his children to grow up and advance their own basketball careers. He also has a burgeoning entertainment company.

Wherever LeBron James chooses to go, we should find out pretty soon.