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LeBron James Sends Message To Cavs' Management On Twitter

The Cavs' roster needs improving, LeBron says.

LeBron James sounded off after Cleveland's loss to New Orleans on Monday night.

It was the Cavs' fifth loss in seven games and, following the game, James sent a message to Cleveland's management.

The Cavs need another playmaker.

From the Akron Beacon-Journal:

"We’re not better than last year, from a personnel standpoint … we’re a top-heavy team,” James said, adding a few minutes later, “I just hope that we’re not satisfied as an organization. I just hope we not satisfied. How hard it was to do that s---. I just hope we’re not satisfied.”


“I don’t got no time to waste,” he said. “I’ll be 33 in the winter and I ain’t got time to waste. That’s what I’m talking about. … When I feel like physically and mentally, me personally, can’t compete for a championship no more or I feel like I can’t do it, then I won’t have this problem. But until that happens, and it don’t seem like no time soon…”

James took to Twitter today to clarify his points.

LeBron speaks, the Cavs listen.