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LeBron James Drops Off $1.3 Million In Cash To Game Show Winners

LeBron James sitting in a van.


In true Christmas fashion, LeBron James did his best Santa impersonation by delivering $1.3 million to an Akron couple.

Already Ohio's favorite son, LeBron James is more or less a demigod after this year's NBA Finals performance, where he and the Cavaliers (you may have heard) came back from a 3-1 deficit for the first time in NBA history. At this point, James can do anything he wants. So yesterday, he decided to deliver $1.3 million dollars (in cash!) to an Akron couple, after they won the enormous sum on his game show, The Wall. A casual day in the life of LeBron James.

Check it out below. He's a real-life Santa Claus:

What a guy. He's an executive producer of the show, so of course there's some publicity to be had by him hand-delivering the dough, but it's still pretty cool. Honestly, LeBron James knocking on the doors of random homes and delivering bags of money could be its own show. I'd watch.