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LeBron James Reminds Hecklers He Has Three Championship Rings

LeBron James throw up three fingers to his hecklers.

LeBron James made sure to remind Warriors fans that he's still the King during a blowout loss on Monday night.

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers traveled to Oakland on Monday night, where they proceeded to get ground into dust by the Golden State Warriors, losing 126-91. It was a poor showing for James and company, and a mighty flex of strength from the best team in the NBA.

James went 6-0f-18 from the field for 20 points, recording 8 rebounds and only dishing out 2 assists. It was tough sledding the whole game, and the Golden State crowd didn't make it any easier. At one point, presumably fed up with the heckling, James gestured toward his hand where he wears his three championship rings, sending the unmistakable message that the road to a championship still goes through LeBron James.

Check it out:

In a perfect world, the NBA season would just be the Cavaliers and Warriors playing over and over again, but unfortunately we'll have to wait until June to see the two teams face off again. The stakes will be just a tad higher then, too, and I can't wait.