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LeBron James Dropped A Cryptic Instagram Post After Kyrie Irving's Big Night

The NBA is officially back!

The Boston Celtics won their ninth game in a row tonight, led by Kyrie Irving's 35 points. Meanwhile, Irving's old team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, are struggling to start the year.

Cleveland is off to a 4-6 start in its first 10 games, and LeBron James might be frustrated. A little while ago, he published a cryptic Instagram post featuring an "Arthur's Fist" meme.

Check it out.

The meme in question features "a screen capture of the protagonist Arthur from the titular children’s television series holding a clinched fist, which is often accompanied by captions describing various infuriating or frustrating circumstances."

Is LeBron dropping passive-aggressive posts using children's cartoons as a response to Kyrie's hot streak? Stranger things have happened in the NBA.