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Video: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade Make World Series Bet

LeBron James in a black and white Nike commercial.


LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have made a wager.

This year's World Series is being played between teams from Cleveland and Chicago, so naturally, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, who also play for teams from those cities, are getting involved in the action. Tuesday, James and Wade came up with a wager for the competition.

Wade, using the UNINTERRUPTED platform, posed the wager to James. James accepted. What is it? Basically, the loser has to show up to play the other fully dressed in apparel representing the other team. Here's what Wade had to say:

"Yo what up everybody this is D Wade, here go that World Series bet everybody been waiting for. Bron - the bet is this. We're both fashionable guys. We both love to dress. We both love to look good and feel good. So, whoevers team loses, the loser has to show up during the NBA season to the other guy's home game dressed as the team who won. Example, if the Chicago Cubs win, in December when Cleveland comes to Chicago, you have to show up when you walk into the arena dressed as a Chicago Cub. And vice-versa, if the Cleveland Indians win, in January when we come to town, I'll walk in dressed just like a Cleveland Indian. The hat on, the top and the bottom, socks, all the way down to the sneaks. Alright? So, that's the World Series bet. Good luck homie."

Here's video of Wade's wager.

So far, obviously, James is in good shape. The Indians currently hold a 1-0 lead heading into game two Wednesday night.