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Photos: Kyrie Irving Shaved His Beard, And He Looks Drastically Different

We almost didn't recognize him.

When Kyrie Iriving played in college at Duke, he was mostly clean-shaven, sporting only a thin goatee.

However, throughout his time in the NBA, Kyrie has sported a beard. This week though, he decided to shave, and boy did his appearance change.

Here is a picture the other day, shared by Georgia Tech director of player personnel Mario West. Kyrie doesn't even look like the same person.

Judging by a quick Twitter search of "Kyrie beard," a lot of people aren't fans of the new look.

Many also seem to think he looks older with no facial hair, and we honestly can't disagree.

Who will be the first pundit to ask if Kyrie shaving means anything regarding him leaving Cleveland?