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Report: The Cleveland Cavaliers Almost Landed Paul George In A Trade

This trade would have been huge for the NBA.

In a shocking move, Paul George was traded to Oklahoma City right before NBA free agency began.

The NBA community was stunned by the move, as Paul George had been linked to many teams around the NBA, but never mentioned in the same sentence as the Thunder.

However, it's a trade involving Paul George that did not happen, that has everyone talking.

According to Mark Wise, of The Undefeated, the Cavs, Nuggets, and Pacers were in line for a three-team trade that would send Paul George to Cleveland before Pacers GM Kevin Pritchard vetoed the trade.

Here are the details.

Instead of joining LeBron James, George is headed to Oklahoma City to team with the NBA's 2016-17 MVP, Russell Westbrook. Having Paul George and LeBron on the floor together would have been an incredible sight, and made for a great opponent to the Golden State Warriors.