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Should LeBron Have Been Called For A Tech For Hanging On The Rim?

LeBron James was not called for a tech for hanging on the rim against the Warriors.

LeBron James hung on the rim for a while on Sunday afternoon. No technical foul was called, though.

Following a go-ahead, and-1 dunk vs. the Warriors on Sunday, LeBron James hung and swung on the rim for quite a while - a "I dare you to call a technical foul on me for doing this" while.

No technical foul was called, though.

Of course, that rim hang didn't affect the game's result at all, so saying the no-technical played an outcome in the game is a big stretch.

But, if you're going to have a rule that says no excessive rim hanging, and you don't call it there, then what's the point of even having the rule? Just take it away.