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Skip Bayless Is Weirdly Tweeting About His Wife Again

A screenshot of Skip Bayless from his show Undisputed.

Skip Bayless frequently tweets about LeBron and Tom Brady, and he used to tweet a lot about Tim Tebow.

The past two weekends, Bayless has mentioned a new person on his favorite social media app: his wife.

Last weekend, Bayless said he and his wife Ernestine (it is important you know her name, as he includes it when he tweets about her) were apparently debating LeBron and MJ. Of course they were.

Tonight the pair were apparently discussing LeBron James and Kyrie Irving being back on the same team for the NBA All-Star Game. Yes, seriously.

"My wife Ernestine just asked why Kyrie couldn't have just said no when LeBron drafted him for his All-Star team," Bayless tweeted. "Now that's a good question."

First of all, why does he drop his wife's name in all of the tweets? Secondly, why would Kyrie refuse to play on the same team as LeBron in an All-Star game?

Also, do Skip and his wife really have nothing better to talk about than debate LeBron?

Skip really never does break character at all.

Skip and his wife have been married for some time. If you search her name on Google, apparently she is a publicist and her maiden name is Sclafani.

I know now way more about Skip Bayless' wife than I ever thought I would.