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Watch: Stephen A. Smith Has Gotten 6 Straight NBA Finals Predictions Wrong

Stephen A. Smith blinks on camera.

ESPN basketball analyst Stephen A. Smith is not good at predicting how the NBA Finals are going to turn out.

The Cleveland Cavaliers knocked off the Boston Celtics on Thursday night, setting up a third straight matchup with the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Who should you pick? Well, don't ask ESPN's Stephen A. Smith.

Smith, one of the stars of First Take, has gotten six straight NBA Finals predictions wrong. Seriously - that's hard to do.

In 2011, he picked the Heat to knock off the Mavericks. Dallas won.

In 2012, he picked the Thunder to knock off the Heat. Miami won.

In 2013, he picked the Spurs to knock off the Heat. Miami won.

In 2014, he picked the Heat to knock off the Spurs. San Antonio won.

In 2015, he picked the Cavaliers to knock off the Warriors. Golden State won.

In 2016, he picked the Warriors to knock off the Cavaliers. Cleveland won.

In other words, the last six times he's made a pick for the NBA Finals when LeBron James is involved, he's been wrong.

Here's video - it's hilarious.

We can't wait to see which team he picks this year.