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Colin Cowherd Names America's Most 'Popular' Former Athlete

Colin Cowherd's top 10 AFC quarterbacks.

Colin Cowherd ranks the top 10 AFC quarterbacks.

There are a lot of former athletes who get a lot of love from the wider American sports landscape. But Colin Cowherd believes he knows who takes the place as most popular in the country.

On Monday's edition of The Herd, Cowherd asserted that Michael Jordan is the most popular former athlete in America. He said that it's clear to him that Jordan receives "significantly more love than anybody" wherever he goes.

Cowherd pointed specifically to the massive ovation Jordan received in Cleveland, a city where Jordan frequently destroyed the Cavs during his years with the Chicago Bulls. He believes that loves comes for what Jordan stood for: respecting fans, being territorial

"The most popular former athlete in America is Michael Jordan... He gets significantly more love than anybody," Cowherd concluded.

Colin Cowherd went on to describe all of the non-purely basketball reasons that Michael Jordan might have been beloved. Whether it was his hatred for rivals, passion for fans or how timeless his attitude is, he resonates with people.

"There's something about his DNA and his core values where America says 'I want that again.' And I think a lot of that is: The things we tell our kids not to be - the pettiness, the disdain for losing - Michael was a bad loser, but boy was he a great winner."

It's a strong case. There aren't many people in the world who have negative things to say about Jordan other than people who had personal gripes with him.

Is Michael Jordan the most popular former athlete in America?